Misawa Girl Scouts reach out to community

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Misawa Girl Scouts reach out to community

by: Hajime Sasaki | .
Naval Air Facility Misawa | .
published: November 22, 2016

The Girl Scouts at Misawa Air Base are always looking to build relationships withlocal community, and the Hachinohe Daiichi Yogo School for Disabled Children is always looking for a cultural exchange.

On Nov. 19, the Girl Scouts visited Daiichi Yogo during its fall festival, running an American Booth that provided face painting and fingernail painting. The scouts also sold cupcakes. They did a great job and brought many smiles to the local. They also made 12,000 yen, which they donated to the school.

The majority of the students at Daiichi Yogo are shy and usually reluctant to reach out to foreigners. However, this being the third visit by the Misawa Girl Scouts to the school, the students were so excited to see the Scouts and couldn’t wait to get their face and nails painted.

But it wasn’t just the Daiichi Yogo students who enjoyed the day.

“Our girls had a great time and they all look forward to participating again next year,” said troop leader Jennifer McBrayer. “They were so impressed with the students, especially the band! Their music touched our hearts and we definitely saw how capable all children can be with love and encouragement.

“We enjoyed interacting with the students and putting a smile on their faces,” McBrayer continued. “We hope the students had a good time, too!”

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