Mazie Hirono: An Asian American hero

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Mazie Hirono: An Asian American hero

by: Taryn Trigler | .
Yokota Middle School | .
published: June 06, 2014

Editor’s note: The Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month committee just concluded its Yokota Middle School Essay Contest.  The essay’s theme was to describe how an Asian or Pacific American contributed to the military. Here’s is the winning submission from 6th-grader Taryn Trigler.

Mazie Hirano contributed to the military in many ways. She is a Japanese immigrant, Buddhist and an Asian American. She came from a hard family situation, but she didn’t let that slow her down as she worked her way up to senator.

Mazie Hirono was born on November 3, 1947, in Fukushima, Japan. Her parents were Matabe and Laura Hirono. Mazie’s father was abusive,  an alcohol addict, and a gambler. He sold his family’s things and stole their money so he could gamble.  Laura divorced him and escaped to Hawaii with Mazie and her sister. Mazie’s grandparents and brother soon followed them. Matabe did not pursue them. Mazie went to school at the University of Hawaii and the Georgetown University. She got a law degree.

Mazie quickly made her way up the line in the government.  She served as a U.S. Representative and as Hawaii’s state lieutenant governor. She was then elected as a senator. She is the first Asian American senator. She is also the first Japanese immigrant and the first Buddhist to be elected as a senator.

Mazie Hirono is a Democrat. She supports woman’s rights and also helped put the 2007 Energy Act and the Equal Pay Bill into effect. She also spearheaded the Head Start Act and the PRE-K Act. She continues to help Hawaii with taxes and unfair fishing laws.

Her name is Mazie Hirono. Her parents are Matabe and Laura Hirono. She is currently married to Leighton Oshima and they live in Honolulu.  Her occupation is Senator. Her hobbies are ceramics, reading, and scrabble. Mazie Hirono is an Asian Pacific American who contributed to the military.

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