Lanham ES International Cultural Fair

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Lanham ES International Cultural Fair

by: Cheri A. Hayes, Ed.S | .
Shirley Lanham ES | .
published: December 05, 2016

Over the last eight weeks, all second grade students had the opportunity to research an ancestor and share what they learned about them. The first assignment was to complete a timeline of their life events using a grade appropriate graphic organizer which was provided by the teacher. Next, they completed a family tree depicting the names, dates of birth, and pictures of their siblings, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents too! Then, they selected the ancestor they would report on and tell why this individual was the person of their choice.

The following week, an interview and research report was completed by talking to someone who knew all about their ancestor. Students were encouraged to find out about where and how their ancestor lived, what they ate, how they dressed, and illustrate the national costume of their ancestor’s culture. The last two elements to complete the project were an illustration of the ancestor’s cultural flag and a map of country, state, city, province, parish or such with physical features, capital, compass rose, and a key.

This project not only covered social studies standards for these second graders, but they were also exposed to reading, writing, research, technology, and art standards as well. Most importantly, this cultural exploration gave parents and students time to talk about family members who have passed on and made a great contribution to the world, in addition to those who are alive, they can take pride in for their influences.

To culminate this project, each student stood proud as they presented their research project to their peers, Mrs. Couillard’s third grade class, parents, teachers and administration. Thank you Ms. Dawn Daley for sharing this project with us!

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