The Invention Convention at Shirley Lanham Elemetary School

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The Invention Convention at Shirley Lanham Elemetary School

by: Jennifer Cleveland, Shirley Lanham Elemetary School | .
published: February 03, 2017

The second grade students really enjoyed using their imagination building their inventions.   The students were required to get an idea of a product they could improve.  After getting as idea they were to name and build a model of their invention.  This was followed with a test to see if it worked. 

Then they wrote a report of what material they used and the process of making their invention.  Finally, the students presented their inventions to their peers explaining the purpose of the invention, followed with a demonstration. 

I really enjoyed listening and watching what they invented.  Some of the inventions were a Control Holder that had compartments to hold remote controls, Music Trash Bot that played music, Poodle Bot that looked like a large poodle on wheels and was a vacuum cleaner, Flashing Generator that you can use when the electrical power goes out, Ballcano game that shoots out balls that you try to catch, and Micro Noid a robot that was programed to do 4 different functions.  All of the student’s inventions were really fun to watch!  

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