EDITORIAL: School lunches - We can decide, too!

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EDITORIAL: School lunches - We can decide, too!

by: D'Andre' Ottey | .
Yokota Middle School student | .
published: March 04, 2016

My name is Dandre and I’m in 7th grade at Yokota Middle School. Every day 7th- and 8th-graders eat lunch at 11:20 and 6th-graders eat lunch at 10:55. When I walk past the cafeteria, I think I need to call my mom to bring lunch because it smells bad.  
I ask a few people if the food is good because it smells gross and they just say, “It's something to eat.”  But for many of us, “it’s something” is not enough. What I hope to have is healthier food like “Edible Mac & Cheese” with noodles that have Vitamin D, which we need for our body. Something else we can have is chicken fingers that actually has flavor instead of chicken fingers that taste like a leaf on a tree.
When you go to school you’re not happy, especially me because I hate being away from my parents. They always stick up for me and I love their cooking.  So at least when you go to lunch the food should smell like what you eat at home. Someone had to speak up about this or it could remain the same, which none of us want.

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