Camp Zama’s Child Youth Services rocks inspection with nearly perfect score

by Noriko Kudo
US Army Garrison - Japan

CAMP ZAMA, Japan (Aug 8, 2018) – Camp Zama Child Youth Services staff and leadership say they’ve known for a long time that they have a top-notch organization, and now they have the data to back up that claim.

The CYS team scored an amazing 99 percent when an Army Higher Headquarters Inspection team arrived unannounced in April, according to Jermaine Baldwin, a program operations specialist with Zama’s CYS.

Baldwin said the final score of 99 percent was the highest in the Pacific region, something the entire team is proud of. Baldwin said the score validates the hard work that goes into running the program to ensure the highest level of care for the Garrison’s youth.

“Our staff work very hard,” said Baldwin, “Without them this would not have been possible.”

During the inspection, the AHHI team visited the Child Development Center, School Age Center, Youth Center and SKIESUnlimited on Camp Zama and Sagamihara Family Housing Area.

According to Baldwin the team closely looked at every aspect of the operations, including programing, the facilities, safety, personnel, equipment and maintenance to ensure they were in compliance with the standards that are set for CYS.

Baldwin said Camp Zama’s CYS is inspected by local agencies and sister services throughout the year, which helps ensure they are providing quality child care daily.

“These visits are unannounced,” said Baldwin, “In order for us to stay prepared for that, we have to be ready at all times.”

Baldwin said it was a great accomplishment for the team.


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