Arnn Elementary School Soroban Success!

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Arnn Elementary School Soroban Success!

by: Robert Deverick | .
Arnn Elementary School | .
published: May 22, 2014

Arnn Elementary School brought home 13 awards from the Soroban Contest held today (21 May) at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo.

The soroban is a Japanese abacus used for making numerical calculations quickly and accurately. Historically speaking, for many years the soroban was used by accountants and bankers prior to the calculator. This is a unique piece of Japanese culture, a hands-on tool for students to learn about numbers, and a great way for student to visualize numbers.

The Soroban Contest brought 109 students from 10 different Japanese and DoDEA elementary and middle schools. The Arnn Elementary School Soroban team, led by Sensei Otsuka-san, is made of 12 fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. Sensei Otsuka-san says, "All Arnn Students showed ... big progress after one year of practice."  Please join us in congratulating the following awardees from Arnn Elementary School:

Written Test Award (Gr. 2-4)
 1st place: Marina Duffy    
2nd place: Perri Funai
3rd place: Riley Shoda

Written Test Award (Gr. 5-8)
2nd place: Trevor Lau
3rd place: Christian Rosette, Hailey Shoda

Oral Dictation Award (Gr. 2-4)
1st place: Marina Duffy
2nd place: Riley Shoda
3rd place: Perri Funai

Oral Dictation Award (Gr. 5-8)
1st place: Hanano Brown (Zama Middle)
2nd place: Trevor Lau, Hailey Shoda and Matthew Araki (all 3 from Arnn) 3rd place: Christian Rosette <Hanano, Trevor, Hailey and Matthew had the perfect score answers and went for the tie break for 1st place.  It was today's "high light":)>

Pictured are all members of the Arnn Elementary School Soroban team:
4th Graders Marina Duffy, Loise Inoue, Riley  Shoda, and Perri  Funai.  
5th Graders  Lou Tan and Atim Enyenihi.  
6th Graders Trevor Lau, Hailey Shoda, Matthew Araki, Luanne Tan, Christian Rosette, and Kaito Hayashi.

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