World Thinking Day

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World Thinking Day

by: Kaylie Borin | .
Yokota Girl Scouts | .
published: March 14, 2013

The Yokota Girl Scouts, joined with the Japanese Girl Scouts, held their World Thinking Day at the Yokota West Elementary School, on March 2, 2013.

The girl scouts gathered together to share what they have researched about different countries  around the world. Each troop planned out a board with facts about an assigned country. Along with it, were food choices, artifacts, or crafts. The troops were also giving out SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere) that relates to their country.

“I like it [World Thinking Day] because there are so many people, and so many new things to try. I think the Japanese Girl Scouts enjoy it, too,” says Junior scout, Emily Green.

The Japanese Girl Scouts came from local troops around Tokyo. The troops also did their own projects on various countries, even some regions in Japan. The SWAPS given out by the Japanese girls, were mostly origami of the emperor and empress, for Girl’s Day or better known as Hinamatsuri, which is celebrated on March 3.

“It is wonderful [World Thinking Day]. I thought it was resourceful for the Girl Scouts, and I hope they have it next year,” remarked Makoto Sasaki, Japanese Girl Scout leader.

It’s not all about the boards, food, and SWAPS, but World Thinking Day has a greater meaning to girls and leaders. This inspires girls to help other countries in poverty and lack of food and education for children.

“It educates them [girls] on different countries and teaches them what problems other countries face. They can think of ways they can help those countries,” explained Girl Scout leader, Connie Gueits.

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