Weighing Anchor During the Holidays

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Photo by MC3 Caine Storino
Photo by MC3 Caine Storino

Weighing Anchor During the Holidays

by: MC3 Ryan G. Greene | .
NAF Public Affairs Office | .
published: February 06, 2015

Physical fitness exists as one of several pillars of military life. Every Sailor knows that they’re expected to perform professionally and physically every day.

Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) created the Maintain Don’t Gain fitness program which ran from November through December, to help those interested in not just maintaining their weight, but also dropping pounds.

This year the program had 13 participants with the winner being Chief Aviation Ordanceman Hashaun Swazy, of Navy Munitions Command East Asia Division (NMC EAD) Unit Atsugi, who lost a total of 32 lbs. during the eight-week course.

“This was an incredible program,” Swazy said. “I got a lot of great advice and guidance from the Fitness and Wellness Manager Chris Martin.”

One of the first things that Martin advises his clients to look at is their diets. He can help create a personalized meal plan that will help maximize an individual’s potential for success Swazy added.

“The holidays can be a tough time for anyone trying to lose or maintain their current weight because of the centrality of food,” said Martin. “But therein lies the greatest part of creating a fitness program specifically for this time of year. The program is designed to help those who struggle with food to survive the holidays, waistline intact.”

“During Thanksgiving some friends of mine were giving me a hard time for not eating all the foods they were,” Swazy said.

“But I just kept remembering that the holidays are about friends and family, not the food we’re eating. That doesn’t always make it easy, or even fun, but when we’ve got goals, nothing can come between us and them.”

That’s what we try to get everyone who comes in to understand; it’s not about what we’re doing in the moment, but how that moment is going to impact us for the next ten or twenty years, Martin added.

“Ultimately, I saw my junior guys at the gym, running the track and flight line and said to myself, why can’t I do that? I decided I could and would,” Swazy added. “Seeing my junior Sailors constantly pushing themselves in and out of work was motivation enough for me to decide it was time to get up and get going. It is them I have to thank.”

“The best advice I could give someone is to ask for help when you need it,” Swazy added. “Whether it’s physical fitness, professional readiness or personal issues, chief or otherwise, we’re all brothers and sisters in the military and at the end of the day we only want what’s best for one another.”

To get connected with what the NAF Atsugi MWR team has coming next, check out their new website; here or stop by either Ranger or Halsey Gym today.

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