Students learn about fire safety

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Students learn about fire safety

by: Dawn Daley | .
Shirley Lanham Elementary | .
published: October 05, 2015

What do you know about fire safety? 

Students of Shirley Lanham Elementary School at NAF Atsugi Base, Japan, participated in an interactive fire safety class during Fire Prevention Week, sponsored by the NAF Atsugi Fire Department.

During this year's class students learned and practiced proper safety routines & procedures such as how to identify a smoke detector at home, how to stop, drop, and roll, and how to duck and crawl under bad smoke. Students were also provided with an educational exhibit which displayed fire-fighting gear, fire-fighting tools, and fire safety diagrams to encourage fire safety both at home and at school. This year's class was a fun-filled, educational, and interactive way to help kids understand how to be safe and prevent fires.

Thank you to the NAF Atsugi Fire Department for sponsoring this annual event.

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