Speakin' Japanese: Know your bloody Japanese

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Speakin' Japanese: Know your bloody Japanese

by: Takahiro Takiguchi | .
Stripes Japan | .
published: January 21, 2017

In Japan, blood types are considered as an important tool to learn others and build effective human relations. You may have already been asked about your blood type. Check out your blood type and talk about it with locals.

The following words and phrases will help you when you talk on blood types.

“Ketsueki gata wa nan desuka?” = what is your blood type?
(“ketsueki” = bood, “gata” = type, “nan desuka?”= what is?)

“A gata desu.” = It is type A.
(“desu” = it is)

“Yappari!” = That’s what I thought!

“Dooshite wakari mashita ka?” = How did you know that?
(“dooshite” = how/why, “wakari mashita” = know)

“Kichoomen de majime dakara desu.” = Because you are sensitive and serious.
(“kichoomen” = sensitive, “majime” = serious,“dakara” = because)

“Anata no wa?” = What is yours?
(“anata no” = yours)

“B gata desu.” = It’s type B.

“A to B wa hantai no seikaku desu.” = Types A and B have opposite personalities.
(“hantai” = opposite, “seikaku” = personality)

“Aishoo ga warui desuka?” = We don’t match well,do we?
(“aishoo” = compatibility, “warui” = not good)

“Daijobu desu.” = It’s all right.

“Watashi wa A gata desuga, B gata no tsuma to nakayoku yatte masu.” = Although I am A, I am getting along with my wife, who is type B.
(“watashi no” = my/mine, “tsuma” = wife, “desuga” = but, “nakayoku yatte” = get along well)

“Ano hito wa kitto O gata desu.” = I am sure he is type O.
(“ano hito” = that person, “kitto” = surely)

“Ketsueki gata de seikaku ga wakari masu.” = Blood types tell me the personality.
(“wakari masu” = understand)

– Takahiro Takiguchi, Stripes Japan

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