School events around Yokosuka

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School events around Yokosuka

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published: January 16, 2015

Top photo: Rear Admiral Terry B. Craft, Commander, Naval Forces Japan stopped by to visit one of DoDea Pacific's 21st century schools, Ikego Elementary School in Yokosuka, Japan.  While there, Admiral Craft enjoyed a DoDea cafeteria lunch with local 5th grade students. (Picture by Diana Hobler)

Bottom left: Students from Laura Batista's Spanish language classes at Yokosuka Middle School visited Sullivans Elementary School and taught Mr Jeff Sparling's third grade class to make piñatas. Judiel Custodio, pictured here proudly displays his homemade Mexican star piñata (December 18). (Picture by Laura Batista)

Bottom right: Kindergarten students from Ms. Heidi Pickett's art class at Ikego Elementary School in Yokosuka, Japan made cardboard cutouts of germs from a health lesson on stopping the spread of germs in their environments. (Picture by Heidi Pickett)


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