Runway closure/construction

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Runway closure/construction

by: 35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs | .
published: November 17, 2016
MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan --Runway construction will begin Nov. 10, 2016 at Misawa Air Base, Japan, and will last until Nov. 16, 2017. During the construction the runway will be closed May 10 to July 5, 2017.

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center approved the construction consisting of one major repair with two projects, totaling approximately 9.5 Mil. These projects will repair the degrading asphalt, spanning roughly 1463 meters across the main runway.

The procured funds allow the runway construction to finish within a year, instead of taking the two years it was originally projected to last.

“There is a layer of asphalt that protects concrete underneath it. Over time, due to aircraft both taking off and landing, combined with the cold, snowy winters here in Misawa; the asphalt starts to wear out and break apart. Pieces of asphalt, even small ones, can be sucked into jet intakes causing severe or even catastrophic engine damage or foreign object debris hazards. Therefore, we remove and replace the asphalt layer every couple of years to ensure that both the concrete under it and the aircraft that land on it are protected,” said Mike Dwyer, 35th Civil Engineer Squadron engineering flight deputy chief.

The Patriot Express will not be operating during the closure. Commercial flights will be available out of Aomori.


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