PRESIDENTIAL STATUS: Atsugi-based Sailors apply for work at white house

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PRESIDENTIAL STATUS: Atsugi-based Sailors apply for work at white house

by: MC3 Ryan G. Greene | .
NAF Atsugi | .
published: April 04, 2015

Sailors aboard Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi recently had the opportunity to apply for what some consider to be the opportunity of a life time: the White House Communications Agency (WHCA).

The Team, led by Information Systems Technician Master Chief Okyo Simmons came to NAF Atsugi to conduct interviews forprospective applicantstotheagency.

WHCA Recruiting Representative, Yeoman Chief Jessie Baker, said the WHCA nomination team is looking for creative, innovative Sailors to provide premier communications support to the President of the United States. She stressed that WHCA only recruits highly dedicated, professional Sailors in select ratings who are ready for a challenging assignment.

“Sailors who wish to apply for WHCA must be able to travel, work with little supervision, have no history of derogatory information and be able to obtain and keep a top secret security clearance,” Baker said.

WHCA members have the primary responsibility of controlling all factors involved with the way the president, vice-president, first lady and other cabinet members communicate to the public on a daily basis.

“While the demands of the assignment are sometimes arduous, I cannot think of another duty assignment with as much responsibility, visibility and accountability for Navy enlisted personnel, than that of supporting the Office of the President of the United States,” said WHCA Army Sgt. Lead Recruiter Bernard Simmons.

Sailors assigned to WHCA experience a very high rate of travel. WHCA Sailors average between 150 to 200 days deployed a year in support of missions that vary from domestic, international and local Washingtonarea travel. Traveling at a moment’s notice is a big part of WHCA operations; however, not everybody who comes to WHCA travels. There are several billets which require Sailors to support the fixed mission at home. “The best thing about being stationed at the White House Communications Agency is that, unlike many Navy deployments throughout my career, I often find myself in countries that the Navy does not visit. I can now truly see the world,” added Baker.

WHCA is currently accepting applications from personnel on sea duty in the grades of E4 with less than eight years in service (on a case-by-case basis) and grades of E5 to E6 with less than 15 years in service. Presently, WHCA has a high demand for Sailors with specialties in communications, audio-visual, administration and support in the following Navy enlisted ratings: Builder, Construction Electrician, Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive), Cryptologic Technician (Maintenance), Cryptologic Technician (Network), Electrician’s Mate, Electronics Technician, Interior Communications Electrician, Information Systems Technician, Mass Communication Specialist, Personnel Specialist, Steelworker, and Yeoman.

Sailors selected to work at WHCA receive special duty assignment pay and a civilian clothing allowance. They serve a minimum of five years in a presidential support duty billet and are eligible to earn the Presidential Service Badge. WHCA Sailors train and work with cutting-edge communications and media technology. Interested Sailors should go to the WHCA website where they can submit an application. WHCA personnel will identify, interview, select and nominate qualified Sailors. Interested applicants can also visit the White House Communications Agency Recruiting website at

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