Possible Communicable Disease Exposure Notification

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Possible Communicable Disease Exposure Notification

by: Monee' Vongsalat, Youth Programs 374th FSS/FSFY | .
Yokota Air Base | .
published: October 14, 2015

A Child in our program has or is suspected of having Lice (Pediculosis).  Because Lice are easily spread, precautionary efforts are being taken to inform parents/guardians of children with possible exposure about the disease and what symptoms to observe for or report.  It is our goal to prevent the spread of this disease.

The disease is spread by:  Direct contact with an infected person; sharing of common items such as clothing, combs, or brushes.

The symptoms are:  Itching or scratching where the lice feed; visible signs of head louse/eggs (nits) in the scalp or hair; commonly in base of the head or around the ears.    

Period of Communicability & How Long to Watch for Symptoms:  As long as lice and eggs remain alive on the infested person.  Adult lice life span is about 1 month; lice eggs can remain viable on clothing for a month.  Children infected with lice should remain home until treatment of lice effectively completed.  

What the program is doing:  Monitoring children for visible signs and symptoms; ensure all bedding, other toys, and equipment made from cloth is sanitized thoroughly.

What you can do at home:  Monitor your child for symptoms; perform frequent hair and scalp inspection of your child for lice/nits; if your child displays any visible signs or symptoms of lice, contact his or her health care provider for immediate treatment and inform them it may be related to the exposure mentioned in this notification.

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