Pacific Fleet Commander pays visit to NAF Atsugi

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Pacific Fleet Commander pays visit to NAF Atsugi

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published: November 07, 2014

Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet Adm. Harry B. Harris recently paid a visit to Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi as part of a familiarization tour of shore installations in the 7th fleet area of responsibility (AOR).

During the brief visit, Harris met with Sailors and held an all-hands call to speak about upcoming changes to deployments and the USS Ronald Regan’s home port change to Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka.

Harris also spoke about the continued partnerships between the U.S. and its host countries within the 7th fleet AOR.

“Maintaining stability, peace and prosperity is what the U.S. rebalance to the Pacific is all about,” he said. “A key component to that policy is strengthening our regional alliances and partnerships.”

Briefly following his remarks, Harris held a question and answer session with the crowd, which was eager to know about details regarding topics like the Navy’s future involvement in the Philippines, and possible changes to Commander, 7th Fleet’s current liberty policy.

Also during his visit, Harris took a brief tour of the installation just before heading to Tokyo to meet with Japanese government officials.

“I am committed to deepening the maritime element of our defense relationships with all of our regional allies and partners,” he said. “There are three great ships that sail the high seas… friendships, partnerships and leadership.”

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