Outstanding Airman Keeping Yokota in Top Shape

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Outstanding Airman Keeping Yokota in Top Shape

by: Jim Reeser, Major, USAF, Ret. | .
U.S. Air Force | .
published: March 10, 2016

I noticed an outstanding airman, A1C Fetters, last Friday night repairing a concrete sidewalk that was a newly poured concrete sidewalk earlier that day.
It was amazing to watch the talent to repair concrete that has been sitting for more than three hours.  Luckily it was just wet enough for the fast acting airman of CE to repair.

The sidewalk is in one of the highest foot traffic areas on a Friday night, the Yokota base service station.

I had noticed the airman repairing some derogatory and profanity that was drawn into the wet  concrete.  Then an hour later noticed the airman repairing another sidewalk on the opposite side of the road where someone had accidentally put several foot prints in the quickly drying cement.

The second time I observed the airman using his construction talents I just had to stop and ask him for his name and thank him for a job well done.  

He is from the 374th Civil Engineering Squadron and was on the standby shift when called into action.  With time being of the escense the airman grabbed the tools to repair and began retooling the drying cement.

When I asked the airman about the repairs and his job he just replied “this is what I love to do and there isn’t nothing that can’t be repaired…accidents happen I’m just glad I was able to repair other than replace the entire sidewalk ".   

Its airman like this that makes our base the finest in the Air Force.  My hats off to this outstanding airman.

I enjoy the Stars and Stripes and wanted to give a thank you and a pat on the back to help recognize these type of airman by running a little spot in the Stars and Stripes.

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