NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka Sailor captures elite fuel award

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NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka Sailor captures elite fuel award

by: Sky M. Laron, NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka Director of Corporate Communications | .
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published: May 16, 2014

YOKOSUKA, Japan – The 2013 American Petroleum Institute (API) Command Awards and Fuels Personnel of the Year Awards winners were announced May 6 by Rear Adm. Jonathan Yuen, Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP).

Senior Chief Machinist Mate Leodias Jack, from NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka, Site Sasebo, was recognized as the U.S. Navy’s Fuel Chief Petty Officer of the Year.

 These annual awards are promoted by the API, an internationally known petroleum trade organization that recognizes activities and personnel who have made the most significant contributions to Department of the Navy bulk fuel operations, petroleum supply chain management and fleet fuel support. The awards highlight the accomplishments of naval petroleum professionals who demonstrate their pride, professionalism and support for the warfighter.

“I felt very humbled to even be considered for such an award,” said Jack. “I feel elated that the magnificent work that ‘team Sasebo’ performs on a daily basis is being recognized worldwide even through this is an individually-labeled award.”

Having trust among his leadership and his Sailors has led to success, added Jack.

“Knowing that I have earned the trust of my leadership has allowed me the awesome opportunity to lead the best team of fuelies ever put together, coupled with the fact that I have the trust of this team, that they continue to do their best each day, even finding ways to improve on excellence,” said Jack.

Jack directly supervises 12 U.S. military members and provides supervisory oversight for 103 Japanese National Master Labor Contract (MLC) employees. He provides accountability oversight for three extremely large and independently operated Defense Fuel Support Points (DFSPs) with a combined capacity of more than 189 million gallons of DLA-Energy capitalized inventory, valued at more than $2 billion. The three DFSPs encompass over 397 acres of landmass and more than $800 million in assets including multiple fueling piers, a diverse array of storage tanks, complex piping systems, and all associated pumping systems and facilities required to support operating terminals of this magnitude.

“(Jack) employs a unique ‘common sense’ stress-free, yet methodical approach to management and effectively provides flawless planning and execution for all fueling operations performed in Sasebo,” said Lt. Cmdr. Razaq Balogun, NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka, Fuel Support Director. “An unparalleled devotion to duty has made him an invaluable asset to FLC Yokosuka and the Navy and he continues to distinguish himself as one of my top E-8 performers and has positioned himself to become one of the exceptionally talented ‘fuelies’ in the entire Department of Defense.”

NAVSUP FL Yokosuka has a fuel mission that spans from points in the north pacific to the Indian Ocean providing fuel support for 130 ports in 19 countries. From a big Navy perspective the NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka Fuel Department has a bulk petroleum inventory of approximately 588 million gallons, which is an astounding 10 percent of DoD's total global bulk petroleum inventory.

On a daily basis, these ‘fuelies’ provide the essential support to ships and aircraft managing roughly 45 percent of the Navy fuel in the Pacific, distributing it by vessel, rail and truck throughout mainland Japan and the entire Pacific area of operations.

With such a massive undertaking, it is no wonder that Jack in humbled by being recognized as the U.S. Navy’s best Fuel Chief Petty Officer for 2013 but it seems that excellence in fuel delivery is something that he and his team in Sasebo know quite a bit about.

“Never be satisfied with the status quo,” said Jack. “In the last four years three members of the Sasebo fuel team have either won or were runner-up for this award, the common denominator here remains the awesome team, MLC employees and Sailors working as a cohesive group, with that in place here we’ll continue to do great things.”

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