NAF Atsugi BEQ Gets $8 Million Renovations

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NAF Atsugi BEQ Gets $8 Million Renovations

by: PS3 Vivian Blakley, NAF Atsugi Public Affairs Office | .
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published: February 14, 2014

During 2013 Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi set several renovation projects in motion, including bollard installation in the roads, a new concession stand at Cinema 77 and an overhaul of Club Trilogy.

One of the installation’s major projects, however, has been the ongoing reconstruction and renovation of the bachelor enlisted quarters (BEQ) which was requested by NAF Atsugi several years ago and funded by Commander, Navy Installations Command.

In 2011, improvements in building 1289 included replacement of carpet with tile and in 2012 a kitchen was installed on the 2nd floor.

That same year, buildings 980, 981 and 982 were torn down to their foundation and were rebuilt to resemble the layout of 1289, which includes a common kitchenette area, a bathroom, a vanity room and two separate bedrooms all within one unit.

“These renovations will provide a better quality of life for Sailors,” said Housing Maintenance Manager Narciso Santos. “With the new rooms and furniture, it will improve their living standards.”

Building 986, which usually houses personnel from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 115, is undergoing extensive renovations worth approximately $8 million. The floor plans will resemble that of building 985, with two beds assigned to one room. Once completed building 986 will be able to house up to 258 Sailors, mostly E-3 and below. a better quality of life for Sailors,”

Sailors will see brand new furniture and appliances in their rooms, tile floors and more accommodating lounge areas. What they won’t see is the improved wiring and ventilation throughout the building, and alarms placed on the exit doors to enhance the building’s security.

Unaccompanied Housing Manager Rafaelito Agustin said along with these new upgrades Sailors throughout all of the BEQs can expect an increase in room and safety inspections.

“With this new building, we’re putting a lot of pressure on the resident advisors (RA) to do more room inspections,” said Agustin. “We’re actually conducting a lot of training for them. We want to keep these buildings in good condition.”

Renovations for building 986 are scheduled to be completed in May 2014, Agustin added.

“These renovations are badly needed,” said Agustin. “We have a lot of old buildings on Atsugi. These improvements will benefit the Sailors, especially the young ones, in the long run.”

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