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Multiple Intelligence Festival

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published: May 07, 2013

The Sullivans School will be having their 11th annual  Multiple Intelligence (MiMe) Festival this year on Friday May 10.  Over 200 presenters will be coming to our school from off base and on base.  There will be over 50 presentations by amateurs and professionals including yoga, Mexican folkloric dance, Japanese Kimono wearing, Koto, guitar, art, origami, kendama, carpentry, slacklining, basketball, taiko drumming, Zumba, pantomime, roller derby, shamisen, Zen-Ga, cooking, calligraphy, and Japanese tea ceremony, just to name a few.

Presentations will be happening at many venues all over Yokosuka base.  

There are multiple opportunities for great photographs and video all day long.  Ikego Elementary and Byrd will be attending and this year for the first time we will be including a class of local homeschoolers.  That means that virtually every elementary age child from the entire Yokosuka complex will be taking part in this Festival.  This year also for the first time we will have a video teleconferencing session teaching  ukulele playing by remote from Ikego Elementary.  

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