Make your dream come true of becoming a pilot at Yokota Aero Club

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Make your dream come true of becoming a pilot at Yokota Aero Club

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published: July 07, 2015

Dream of becoming a pilot but you’re not sure where to start? Your first step should be to visit the Yokota Aero Club / Flight Training Center to find out all the details of various valuable programs and services the club has to offer.

The Aero Club recently launched a new membership program for those who are interested in becoming members but not necessarily wanting to take flying lessons. When you sign up for this membership program, you’ll be allowed to accompany club pilots to various destinations throughout Japan and enjoy a special entitlement of 30-minute free flight time in the Redbird Full Motion simulator.

One of the great benefits of membership is that you’ll get to visit cities throughout Japan as well as local sites like the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree and Yokohama.

Where else can you receive a personal training with the only fleet of Technically Advanced Aircraft in the Pacific. Along with this special benefit, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend club social events and learn more about flying from highly qualified and well-trained instructors and pilots alike. (Technically advanced aircraft (TAA) are equipped with new-generation avionics that combine computers and modern navigational aids for both system redundancy and to improve pilot situational awareness.)

The Aero Club isn’t just for those who want to pursue a pilot license. If you’re simply an aircraft enthusiast and want to learn and experience more about flying, membership will allow you to enjoy the many benefits.

For those who are interested in taking flight lessons, one benefit is the reduced cost of flying for student pilots and experienced flyers alike.

Another benefit is that the Aero Club creates a sense of community and camaraderie that is essential to keeping pilots engaged in aviation. For more information on how you can become a member of the Aero Club and take advantage of the many benefits, contact an Aero Club representative (225-8988) or visit its website

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