LT Rice heads up a hit fundraiser

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LT Rice heads up a hit fundraiser

by: American Red Cross, NAF Atsugi & Camp Zama | .
published: April 19, 2014

One of the most powerful storms ever overran the Philippines on Nov. 8, killing thousands and leaving 1.9 million homeless. Partnering with other national Red Crosses, the American Red Cross provided food, shelter and technical support to the relief effort. With $76 million in donations and pledges, the American Red Cross has been helping get homeless citizens first into shelters and then assisting with long-term rebuilding projects.

To aid in relief, we sponsored a run fundraiser. With support from the Supply Warriors, the Atsugi officer and enlisted spouses' associations, the Boy and Girl Scouts, the Fil-Am Association and many others, the event raised over $3,000. Coupled with other efforts, the local community contributed over $11,000 to relief from typhoon Haiyan.

A special thanks goes out to Lieutenant Amanda Rice, who took the lead on organizing this successful fundraiser.

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