If you see something, say something

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If you see something, say something

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published: February 22, 2014

A Message from the U.S. Army Garrison Commander:
U.S. military personnel and facilities, both at home and abroad, remain potential targets for those who wish to do them harm.
Throughout our history, the U.S. Army has tackled the toughest challenges.

This is no different.
Adversarial forces adapt their tactics to avoid strength, exploit weakness, and demonstrate their capability to attack at the time and place of their choosing.

Individual awareness of suspicious activities is a key element in the identification of potential threatening actions.
Criminal assault methods have evolved over the past century to a present-day "insider" threat possibility.
Suspicious activity reporting is a fundamental element of the programs in place to keep both the U.S. Army Japan and U.S. Army Garrison Japan communities safe.
Both the iWATCH Army and iSALUTE reporting programs are community tools in our arsenal against threats to force protection.

From deploying units around the area of responsibility to Corps of Engineers projects throughout Japan, every activity, every mission and every operation will have situational awareness.

We know our missions, our operations and our responsibilities.
Report suspicious activities to your local Military Police or ATO by calling: 263-3002 or 911 and or off post 046407-3002 or 046407911

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