Honorable Katherine G. Hammack visit Camp Zama

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Honorable Katherine G. Hammack visit Camp Zama

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published: March 22, 2014

Honorable Katherine G. Hammack, the assistant secretary of the Army for installations, energy and environment visited the Camp Zama installation March 21 during a tour of Japan.

Hammack received a briefing on the comprehensive mission of U.S. Army Japan and U.S. Army Garrison Japan from Gen. James C. Boozer, Sr. and Col. Joy L. Curriera, commanders of U.S. Army Japan and I Corp Forward and U.S. Army Garrison Japan, respectively. During the briefing, Hammack provided insight on the importance of the Army’s coexistence with nature and the environment in today’s Army.
Hammack later presented the Garrison Japan’s leadership with an award for winning the Army Community of Excellence silver award for the 2013 fiscal year. She also toured the newly constructed Co-Generation plant, several Army Family Housing units, the Camp Zama incinerator and other support facilities on the Camp Zama Installation.

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