Holiday Mailing Tips

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Holiday Mailing Tips

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published: November 21, 2014

1) The main thing that everyone needs to be aware of is of course the mailing deadlines to ensure that their packages get to their loved ones before christmas.

2) I highly recommend that their packages is ready to go before coming to the post office. With that I mean, customs forms are filled out already and the packages are properly taped and secured, especially if they are mailing heavy boxes. These packages tend to get damaged if not properly packed. I also encouraged customers who are mailing 5 or more boxes to set up an appointment with us (8 - 10 a.m.) that way, they won’t be waiting in line for a long time.

3) If they miss the mailing deadlines, their packages may not arrive until 2-3 days after Christmas.

4) The last two holidays, shipping has usually stoped around mid-December and postal operations return to normal around late January. So plan ahead for your postholiday shipping.

5) Some restrictions apply to international shipments, so customers should contact the post office first to verify if the contents of their package is mailable to that specific country and which customs form they should use.

6) Avoid the holiday rush. Do not wait until the last minute to send packages, and to take advantage of the appointment privilege that we offer. Please contact us for any postal questions or concerns at 264-3354.

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