HNRO Rep does promo at local radio station

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HNRO Rep does promo at local radio station

by: MCSN Matthew Duncker | .
NAF Atsugi Public Affairs | .
published: March 02, 2016

Community outreach is about closing a cultural gap through service. By working together towards a common goal a bridge is built between the installation and the local communities.

In keeping with this, Sumie Maruyama, a representative for NAF Atsugi Host Nation Relations Office (HNRO), visits FM Yamato radio station’s Morning Radio Scramble monthly to speak about the base’s special events and community outreach programs.

Maruyama has been a guest on FM Yamato’s morning program, hosted by Disc Jockey Teruo “Johnny” Amanuma, since 2011. FM Yamato is the largest radio broadcaster in the Yamato city area, with an audience of 2.5 million listeners. The station’s stated goal is to support the improvement of the local culture, and enrich civic life and the activity of the local economy and public relations in the area.

“The station would ask me for news from the base, but over the years it would happen more infrequently,” said Maruyama. “When Johnny became the host of the morning show, he asked if I would like to speak on his program and focus more on the positive aspects of Atsugi and its Sailors.

For one hour I talk about special events and the community service projects that the base participates in.”

Since August 2012, Maruyama has organized base participation in the Yamato Station cleanup with local citizens and many other communities. In November of that same year, Sailors and local citizens began a joint effort to clean up outside the fence line of the installation.

“My main focus on the show is to highlight the Sailors volunteering for the Yamato Station and Atsugi fence line cleanup,” said Maruyama. “By informing the listeners about how Sailors and local citizens work together in public cleaning projects, we hope to inspire others to not only volunteer their own time for a good cause, but also to meet and get to know the Sailors stationed at Atsugi.”

By both organizing volunteer opportunities for Sailors and communicating to the radio audience in Yamato, Maruyama is helping to build a bridge between the installation and the local citizens that reside around it, one based on public service and cooperation.

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