Experience the great outdoors on a trip with Outdoor Recreation

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Experience the great outdoors on a trip with Outdoor Recreation

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published: July 11, 2015

Trips are open to all base personnel; however discretion is advised as to age and physical condition.

Gear Issue- Ready to strike out on your own? Not everyone thinks to bring their camping supplies with them, but that's okay ... use ours!

Are you ready to hit the road and get some Mother Nature time in this weekend? We know the feeling, so we put some maps together for you. Check out our MAPS & RESOURCES or PARKS & RECREATION pages for other destination ideas and Get Out! this weekend.


•Iwami Seaside Park  (Approx. 133 km | 1 hr. 48 min.)    Online Map
•Katazowe (Approx. 51 km | 1 hr. 10 min.) Online Map
•Seven Falls (Approx. 64.9 km | 1 hr. 46 min.) Printable Directions |Online Map
•Yasaka Campsite (Approx. 23 km | 36 min.)   Printable Directions | Online Map
•Osorakan Ecology Campsite (Approx. 95.2 km | 1 hr. 50 min.) Website | Online Map

Ski Resorts
•Asahi Ski Resort   (Approx. 104 km | 1 hr. 39 min.) Printable Directions (PDF) |   Online Map
•Megahira Ski Resort  (Approx. 96 km | 1 hr. 28 min.) Printable Directions (PDF) |Online Map
•Osorakan Snow Park  (Approx. 95.2 km | 1 hr. 50 min.) WebsiteOnline Map

•Rapid Kayak School (Approx. 104 km | 1 hr. 39 min.) Website  |  Online Map

Overnight Hikes:
Mt. Fuji Overnight Trips

A 4-day trip which includes free time in Tokyo and a stay at the New Sanno Hotel. The fee for the trip is $150 plus the hotel charge, which varies according to rank/grade. The hike is strenuous for those not in peak condition, and children under 10 are not allowed. But for those who accept the challenge, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Three trips per year are conducted in July and August.
Surf Camp
Surf/Camp Overnight Trips

This overnight trip to Hamada Beach is a relaxing way to spend a weekend at the beach. The first day we will set up camp and then head to the beach to enjoy some surfing. With no itinerary, this trip will cater to each individual. The second day we will enjoy the morning waves and sun and then head home around lunch time.
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