CFAS Tori Gate and Cannon Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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CFAS Tori Gate and Cannon Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

by: Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo Japan | .
U.S. Navy | .
published: March 14, 2015

As the 2014 Installation Excellence Award recipient, CFAS was able to allocate funding toward myriad base beautification projects. The two 7.7cm cannons and the tori gate that serve as a backdrop for many command functions and photo opportunities were elected to be restored as part of the projects, and the Seabees were up to the challenge. The local MLC workforce completed the tori gate restoration and PWD Sasebo self-help Seabees completed the cannon wheel project . Both teams had the privilege of utilizing their technical knowledge and skills to demonstrate cooperation between our nations, ultimately returning the restored artifacts to the community.

The tori gate and cannons on display outside of Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo (CFAS) headquarters building frame both nations’ colors in a truly stoic fashion. It is speculated that the cannons are remnants of World War II era relics.

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