Branch Health Clinic Atsugi will be undergoing renovation

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Photo Courtesy of Navy Medicine
Photo Courtesy of Navy Medicine

Branch Health Clinic Atsugi will be undergoing renovation

by: MC3 Ryan G. Greene, NAF Atsugi Public Affairs Office | .
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published: September 12, 2014

For Branch Health Clinic (BHC) Atsugi, patient care is paramount. Consequently beginning Aug. 25, BHC will be undergoing an eleven month renovation and modernization process.

The goal of the clinic renovation is to improve the patient experience and improve safety.

“With this upgrade, our facility will house more patient rooms and increase our ability to care for our patients,” said BHC Facility Manager Lt. Brian Desiderio. “This is not something that we’ve undertaken lightly and have been in the reviewing stage for almost three years.”

The review process has included experts from U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka and engineers from Naval Facilities Engineering Command Atsugi.

“The funding and design phase has been the longest piece so far,” said BHC Deputy Facilities Manager and Lt. Brian Hornfeck. “Finding the funds, which were appropriated in 2013, has been a difficult but certainly rewarding process.”

The facility will receive roughly 3 million dollars over the course of the next eleven months, during which the entire clinic will be renovated.

The renovation will occur in four phases, the first of which includes aviation medicine, the patient waiting area, and the main entrance to the building. During this phase, all patients will need to use the ambulance bay entrance for access to the building and will check-in at the desk directly inside the door. Aviation medicine will be relocated to the main clinic building during this phase.

The second phase will primarily affect the dental department, pharmacy and lab. Dental will be seeing patients at the flight line dental clinic with extended hours to accommodate continued patient care. The pharmacy will continue offering full service from an alternate location inside the main clinic. The laboratory will offer limited services during this phase.

During the third phase of the renovation the Primary Care Clinic will undergo work to upgrade the optometry, audiology, and radiology offices.

“During the second and third phase laboratory, radiology, audiology, and optometry services may be limited for brief periods,” said Desiderio.

“We will utilize Camp Zama and USNH Yokosuka as needed. BHC Atsugi will coordinate care and provide the required transportation while our spaces are being upgraded.”

The final phase of construction will involve mostly administrative spaces and will have minimal impact to patient care.

“While the renovation itself is exciting, I speak for many of the BHC staff when I say we’re looking to what we’ll be able to do for our Sailors and their families with the improvement,” said Hornfeck. “I know that while the process may have been long in coming and may cause longer wait times, we’re looking forward to seeing a better and stronger clinic that offers only the highest level of patient care.”

For questions or more information on the clinic overhaul, please see the NAF Atsugi Facebook page or call the BHC Atusgi Facilities Manager at 264 – 4683.

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