AREAA Global launches an office within Japan

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AREAA Global launches an office within Japan

by: Christopher Snipes | .
Waseda Frontiermind | .
published: February 26, 2016

Tokyo - A new office has been opened in Japan extending AREAA’s physical presence to outside of the U.S. for the first time making it easier for those interested in U.S. real estate to get information.

Christopher Snipes, who works for Waseda Frontiermind and a member of AREAA, said this is the first time a collaboration has occurred between two organizations of the U.S. and Japan dealing with residential real estate. Snipes said real estate is a complicated topic with many variations of laws and taxes that can be seen even at the local level. The complication increases when you talk about international real estate.

“I hope we can reach the American service members here and help lessen the burden of relocating back to the U.S.” Snipes said. “As a Navy veteran I know the process can be hard with timing and who to contact.” “If I can be a point of contact here in Japan that can walk people through the process and reassure them, I feel I have done my job.”

Services that can be found at AREAA Japan office include:

• General information on purchasing real estate
• Information on different cities and areas
• VA loan procedures with counseling
• Network of trusted agents (including those who specialize in VA loans)
• Guidance on investment properties

Christopher Snipes, a graduate of Temple University Japan and Navy veteran, is working for a Japanese real estate agency. He has been helping expats in Japan and those interested in American real estate. He has done several seminars in Japan and in America and continues working on bridging the gap between the two countries.

Contact: Christopher Snipes
2nd floor, 1-3-18 Akasaka, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0052        

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