Are you ready to PCS?

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Are you ready to PCS?

by: MC3 Matthew Duncker | .
NAF Atsugi Public Affairs | .
published: September 23, 2016

For Sailors, Permanent Changes of Station (PCS) are common with the peak moving season from April to August each year. Generally, a Sailor can be expected to move to a new duty station every three years and planning for the move is key.

Naval Air Facility Atsugi’s command career counselor, Navy Counselor 1st Class David Pruitt, a native of Grants Pass, Oregon, said that time is the biggest factor when PCSing to a new location.

“It’s good to start planning your move as soon as you are notified of your next duty location,” said Pruitt. “Determining what the cost of living is at your next duty station and researching what your new Basic Allowance for Housing will be is information a Sailor should research before moving.”

With so many things to take care of in such a short period of time, Sailors might find themselves flustered and unsure of where to start.

“First is to always create a little file folder for multiple copies of your orders, passports, shot records, military member medical records and all necessary paperwork,” said Pruitt. “Organizing and storing your paperwork is key, then if anything happens you’ll be prepared in case of a sudden emergency.”

According to Pruitt, another concern is the packing and safe transportation of personal household goods to your next duty station. Upon receiving the hard copy of your orders, contact the Personal Property Office to set up your move and get your items ready to be stored and transported.

“Once Personal Property has been contacted, start to take inventory of any expensive household items, television, computers, etc.,” said Pruitt. “By having an inventory, and photographing your personal items, a Sailor can be prepared in the event of having to fill out an insurance claim for any damages that may incur.”

Pruitt said proper planning and organization is the most important part of insuring a smooth PCS move.

“Don’t assume that you will be contacted and this will be done for you,” said Pruitt. “You will only be able to accomplish so much without hard copy orders but if you plan ahead, get your documents organized, pack your belongings as quickly as possible, the move will end up being an easier transition.”

For more information on shipping your items contact NAF Atsugi Personal Property office at 264-3131.

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