2nd Annual Mrs. Sakura Scholarship Pageant – The Roaring 20s

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2nd Annual Mrs. Sakura Scholarship Pageant – The Roaring 20s

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published: March 03, 2013

Join the Mrs. Sakura Pageant for a night of jazz, jitterbug, and glamour. This scholarship pageant is a wonderful opportunity to meet other classy ladies, show off your style, and earn some extra money for college.

And for the younger ladies, the Miss Teen Sakura category is now open for high school students to help with future education plans.

Application packets and fees are due Saturday, March 16, so make that decision quickly and join the party! Packets are available at the Mrs. Sakura Organization (MSO) Facebook group (just ask to join), or by emailing mrs.sakura2012@yahoo.com. MSO members will also be setting up a table at the YCC weekends from noon to 2 p.m. to pass out information and applications.

The Mrs. Sakura Pageant will be held Saturday, May 11 at the Taiyo Community Center. Workshops and rehearsals during the weeks leading up to the pageant will help the ladies get ready to strut their stuff with confidence and flair. The Roaring 20s theme will really kick it up a notch.

There are four categories in all:
Mrs. Sakura (married women with SOFA status, active duty or dependent)
Miss Teen Sakura (high school students)
Cherry Blossom (ages 10-14)
Cherry Bud (ages 5-9)

Many other prizes will be awarded in addition to the scholarship money. Local Yokota businesses are generously supporting the pageant and its contestants.
The Mrs. Sakura Organization also hosts events and contributes to the Yokota Air Base community throughout the year. The board is always looking for volunteers to get involved so join the Facebook group for more details about the next great occasion.

Could you be the next Mrs. Sakura? Or possibly our first Miss Teen Sakura? You’ll only know if you throw your hat in the ring.

MSO is a private organization. It is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.

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