‘Corpsmen can do anything’

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‘Corpsmen can do anything’

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published: November 09, 2012

NAVAL AIR FACILITY, Japan – Sailor of the Week is a title granted to a different Sailor on board Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi once a week who has shown exemplary skill and work ethic within their work center.

This week’s Sailor of the Week is an Alabama native and 2008 graduate of Russell County High School, Hospitalman Clifton Terrell.

Assigned to the Branch Health Clinic (BHC) on NAF Atsugi, Terrell holds the title of Aviation Medicine Technician and Emergency Vehicle Operator (EVO).

Under these titles, Terrell’s duties include being the resident expert in aviation medicine policies and procedures, assisting the base’s flight surgeon in the completion of physical exams for aviation personnel, and providing rapid and safe response to all on-base emergencies.

“Terrell is an excellent addition to the Branch Health Clinic,” said Terrell’s leading petty officer, Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Derrick Ragland. “His dedication to duty, leadership abilities, and attention to detail are unparalleled amongst his peers.”

Since joining his current command 11 months ago, Terrell has contributed to the clinic greatly by maintaining meticulous accountability of over $8,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment. He also streamlined the supply acquisition system resulting in the ability to provide better quality healthcare for the clinic’s patients.

“Being a corpsman, the one thing we corpsman say is ‘Corpsman can do anything’,” said Terrell. “The reason why I say that is because being here at the clinic, corpsman do everything. You can assist patients, run facilities, run supply, or you may be medical secretary to the officer-in-charge.”

Aside from Terrell’s role in the NAF Atsugi community as a corpsman, he is also president of the BHC’s Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD).

“What we’re here for is to educate Sailors,” said Terrell. “Ultimately we educate them in knowing what is right from wrong. And we give them the resources they need in case they get in trouble or in case anything happens. We’re also here to help Sailors be more sociable with their command region. Get out there and talk to people and get to know them.”

As president of the health clinic’s CSADD program, Terrell has developed a Welcome Aboard program to assist the Command Sponsorship program with single Sailors and has led nine junior Sailors in providing innovative periods of instruction to their peers.

“It’s educating our Sailors in making good decisions,” said Terrell. “It’s giving everyone a fair and equal opportunity to do what’s right all the time.”

Outside of work, Terrell’s interests range from playing sports and travelling, to his passion for cars and aircraft.

“Cars have to be my second passion outside of travelling,” said Terrell. “And I’m very very very interested in planes. I think they’re interesting. I love researching them. Maybe one day, I’ll get the chance to be an aviator and fly. Hopefully for the Navy.”

Terrell is honored as Sailor of the Week by being the guest host of the base’s weekly Captain’s Call show with the NAF Atsugi’s Commanding Officer Capt. Steven Wieman and Command Master Chief Carlton Duncan.

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